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Once More Unto the Bridge Dear Friends
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At long fucking last, I have finally managed to throw together the bridge of our wayward little boat, Grace. Named for the late Grace Lee Whitney, Grace is supposed to be our RP starship in a scenario where we as we are IRL are thrown into the real 23rd century, armed with the knowledge of Star Trek lore, we fight to survive and are wanted fugitives because of where we're from and are looking for a way back to the 21st century by use of an older hijacked Starfleet vessel after the initial Gorn incursion at Cestus III.

I chose her original name given by Starfleet should be "Shenzou" not because of the spacecraft in use today, but of the translation "Divine Boat". I figured it worked because we wanted a "Firefly" kinda vibe here. In my opinion, "Firefly" succeeded at the whole "Space Western" feel where I didn't feel that with the original series. :shrug:

Based upon Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry

Original parts from falke2009
That's why I'm the Captain!
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I've been kicking around the idea of redesigning a few things for me and my friends Real Star Trek RP, even changing the title of it so here's the first of a few ideas I got: my own outfit and my friends are pretty good at micro hero deviations, moreso than myself and I don't know exactly what they would wear in this so I thought I'd keep this one small and focus on what I would look like. Thought a Mal Reynolds/Nathan Drake look look would suit me best while keeping true to Starfleet's colors.

Based upon Star Trek created by Gene Rodenberry

Original parts from Bry-Sinclair
Season 2: Doomsday Saga

Episode 1: Enterprising Young Men
After Lieutenant Kirk's true identity is revealed to Slezak and Kor, they are promptly rescued by Captain Christopher Pike of the brand new Starship Enterprise, which is leading the Starfleet Armada towards Organia. Kirk and Slezak attempt to convince Pike to call off the attack and work towards an armistice instead, but Pike is less than receptive and throws them both in the brig leaving Spock to be only one he will listen to. The crew of Grace try to negotiate with Kor showing him that his occupation is a fraud orchestrated by Commander Chang and his war mongering houses.

Episode 2: What Dreams May Come
After the ordeal on Organia, Kirk is named Captain of the Enterprise as to the last will and testament of Christopher Pike. The crew head to the pleasure planet Risa only to find it is has been destroyed by some great and powerful force. Marisa's Starfleet news feeds indicate other solar systems have been destroyed in a straight path from the Ceti Alpha System. Rob keeps having nightmares of Organia; the memory of killing Chang with his own sword is especially vivid in his mind, but he keeps it from his friends and fiance.

Episode 3: The Secret Origins of Khan Noonien Singh
After Ceti Alpha V is destroyed by a planet killing super weapon, Khan finds himself captive by the crew. One-by-one they visit him in the brig getting bits and pieces of his true history. Khan recognizes Rob's Post Traumatic Stress and drives a wedge between him and his friends. The crew set a course to pursue the Planet Killer under the control of one of Khan's genetically enhanced supermen named Malik.

Episode 4: Counting Stars
After Malik kills Khan and names himself leader of the Augments, Grace is left heavily damaged by his Planet Killer and they come across the wrecked Starship Constellation and begin salvaging spare parts. The crew becomes aware of Rob's PTSD and relieve him of command leaving the equally traumatized Commodore Decker to seize control of Grace and pursue the Planet Killer on a suicide revenge mission.

Episode 5: The Right Ship for the Right Job
After Decker's failed attempt at revenge, Slezak regains command, he decides to call for help from Captain Kirk and the Enterprise in stopping Malik and the Planet Killer from destroying yet another solar system. Dom and Aiden recruit Mr. Spock in a secret plan of theirs that could stop the Planet Killer, but still risk an entire solar system's destruction at the same time.

Episode 6: The Needs of the Many
With Malik dead, the Planet Killer is now free to destroy any solar system it wants making it even more dangerous. Dom, Aiden and Spock are close to completing their secret project to build a trilithium torpedo meant to trigger a super nova that could destroy the Planet Killer, and when Rob and Kirk catch wind of this, they are both outraged, but agree that they may have to sacrifice the lives of millions to save trillions.

Season 1: Yorktown Saga

Episode 1: Warped
After a salvage op goes wrong, a wayward crew aboard a commandeered starship must find an alternate supply of dylithium or risk shutting down all power before what crystals they have shatter leaving them adrift in the middle of deep space. Meanwhile the crew begins to record logs recounting the events that led them from their time in the 21st century to the mid 23rd. While traveling at sub-light to Delta Vega, they come across an escape pod carrying a very young and very unusual survivor from the cargo vessel Antares.

Episode 2: Prime Directives
The destruction of the Delta Vega refinery leaves Starfleet no choice but to escalate their efforts in finding the fugitive starship before more harm is done to either them or anyone else, thus they have sent the U.S.S. Yorktown under Captain Robert April to hunt them down and bring them to justice. The Klingons have taken notice to the destruction of one of the Feds' dylithium refineries. The resulting territorial vacuum has given them the perfect opportunity to dispatch Commander Chang into Federation Space and recruit a potential ally. Tensions on the unnamed ship are at an all time high as they argue over how Delta Vega could've been handled differently.

Episode 3: Fifty Shades of Mudd
After evading the Feds and Klinks, the crew celebrate and conversations steer towards picking a name for their wayward ship and the crew render aid to a small Earth ship drifting in an asteroid belt and pick up a rather unusually attractive female passenger that the male members of the crew, save Rob and Justin, find irresistible. She claims to be on her way to an Earth colony, back to her fiance. The crew volunteer her passage to her colony.

Episode 4: Heads or Tails
Upon finally choosing to name their ship "Grace", Will believes he has figured out the transporter with Rob's help. They decide to take a quick test run on a planet where one side always faces the sun. While down there he rescues a dog-like animal from drowning in the frozen dark side and beams up... sort of. After Will beams him back up with the the dog he and Marisa name Brutus, a duplicate Rob Slezak materializes with a sinister purpose while the prime Slezak seems to have lost his edge and it falls to Justin to whip him back into shape. Marisa hacks into the Federation news network which shows that there is a growing Klingon presence in Federation space and the path shown indicates that they are headed in Grace's direction.

Episode 5: The Enemy of my Enemies
Rob makes the controversial decision of heading for the Romulan Neutral Zone where Earth outposts have been destroyed by an "invisible ship". But instead of hunting this ship down such is the mission of Captain April on the U.S.S. Yorktown, Rob seeks to ally himself with the commander of the Romulan Ship. Dom and Aiden make it well known that they disagree with making Starfleet the crew's enemy and they and the rest of the crew also believe after the transporter accident Rob seems different.

Episode 6: The Lieutenant
After Rob's successful mission to acquire a Romulan Cloaking Device, Grace sets course for Organia where the Klingon Commander Kor has already established a military occupation over the entire planet. The crew wage a guerrilla war against the occupation without implicating the Feds. On a raid of one of Kor's mass executions, Justin is shot by a Klingon disruptor but is rescued by a young Starfleet lieutenant and his Vulcan companion. Rob now sets his sights on this lieutenant so that he may rescue his friend but may find another potential ally that aims to expose the true objective of the Klingon Occupation.
STOvTOR: Contact
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Wassup mah fellow n00bs!

Here's another shot for STOvTOR. The Filomina falls into orbit above the pole of an ice planet and as she attempts to absorb the rays from the solar winds that skip across the atmosphere of the planet, a gargantuan triangular shaped ship drops out of hyperspace, dwarfing the Filomina as if it was a boot meaning to stomp an ant. 

Based upon Star Trek created by Gene Rodenberry

Based upon Star Wars created by George Lucas

U.S.S. Filomina c :iconspidertrekfan616:

Europa and "Aurora" found on Google

Galaxy class found on

Star Destroyer found on Google
Wassup my fellow n00bz?

Well my current laptop finally ver-klemped, so good luck getting touch with me. I was planning on getting a new one anyway since it was a crapazoid computer to begin with and I'll have the money to buy her in another two weeks but I'd end up having to wait even longer till she arrives. Nothing is set in stone yet however. I have other priorities to worry about. Hopefully this new computer will allow me to get my channel running for real this time I only hope I can keep up with paying for the internet that it's gonna eat up. 

My my only question is this, should I wait and get my car business sorted out first where I see it as a financial dead-weight for my situation or should I invest in this device that might get wrecked too even with a warranty. ( cuz I've gone through a lot of computers) If you need any clarification anywhere hit me up in the comments and I'll get back to you. 

Thanks for reading my baggage. This has been CaptnObviousFTW.
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